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Northern California Cowboys

These cowboys learned to rope and ride, to live and laugh, in northern California cattle country. Now they're learning to love...

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The History Of New Beginnings

The Hollywood Carmichaels

When Norah meets Henry, Hollywood's most eligible bachelor, on vacation, sparks fly. But are fame, insecurities, and past hurts too much for a happily ever after?

Henry Carmichael is tired. Tired of being Hollywood royalty, the lack of privacy that comes with fame, and everyone else’s expectations of his life and career. He is thankful that his latest humiliation occurred away from the ever-present paparazzi, however. Being dumped in public is never fun. The only thing saving his evening is the bold and intriguing woman who sends him a fresh drink—in her words, to replace the one he's currently wearing.


Norah planned to spend her forty-fifth birthday on a tropical island, a drink in her hand, her best friend by her side. What she didn’t expect was to witness Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor being dumped in a cozy little hideaway tucked away on the beach. With nothing to lose, she sends him a drink, never thinking he’ll actually seek her out. Or ask to join her for dinner.

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The Sometimes of Second Chances

The Hollywood Carmichaels

Country superstar, Christian Carmichael, is set to begin his “comeback” tour any day. The only problem is, the promoter will only agree to pay for the tour if Christian agrees to have a documentary film crew film the whole thing. It's not ideal, but if he refuses, there is no tour. And he really needs there to be a tour. He needs to prove to everyone—including himself—that he can do this now that he’s sober.

Sarah-Beth Anderson jumped at the chance to direct the documentary of Christian Carmichael’s comeback tour. It’s an opportunity that will show everyone she’s ready to be back in the game, after taking some time to raise her family. The fact that he’s her ex-husband is irrelevant. Their divorce was finalized thirty years ago, plenty of time for old wounds to heal.

As the tour begins, old sparks begin to smolder. And while Christian and Sarah-Beth both decide to keep things professional, long nights on the road, and such close quarters, make that difficult. When the spark finally ignites, they give in to temptation. But past mistakes, and lingering hurt, may be too much to overcome on the way to a happy ending.


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Something Like That

A Like That Novel

Professional hockey player, Nick Sadler, has built his whole life around winning a championship. At the age of thirty-four, he’s running out of time. A knee injury has sidelined him for most of the season, but now that he’s cleared to play, he needs a Strength and Conditioning coach willing to work overtime to get him back in game shape for the playoffs.


Single mom and S&C coach, Alex Dumont, learned the hard way that she could only ever count on herself when her parents threw her out for getting pregnant at seventeen. It’s taken years, but she’s finally at a place where she feels settled. Enter Nick.


Even though his get-back-in-the-lineup timeline is ridiculous, Alex decides to take him on as a client. The only problem is, she's starting to have feelings for Nick and it soon becomes apparent the feelings are mutual—and undeniable. But when unexpected changes mean a major shift in priorities, Nick and Alex have to decide if the futures they’d laid out for themselves are really what they want after all.

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