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Northern California Cowboys

The books in the Northern California Cowboys series are all standalone and can be read in any order, although they do follow a linear timeline. If you want to read them in order, I'd recommend starting with His Lucky Break.

His Lucky Break ebook.jpg

His Lucky Break

Can Cassie survive the emotional roller-coaster of being trapped in the mountains with the cowboy who broke her heart?


Cassie fell head over heels for cowboy, Sam Baptiste, when she was sixteen and visiting her cousin in Redding, California. His rejection shattered her heart, and she's spent the last ten years ignoring love. Sam showed her leading with her heart is dangerous, and she's grateful to him. But now they're stuck on the same train. Good thing the train is long and she has a ton of work to keep her busy and away from Sam. 


Sam never expected to run into the girl who'd snuck into his place a decade ago and tried to seduce him. Or to be forced to travel with her on a weekend train trip along the West Coast. The problem – Cassie's all grown up now, far too fascinating, and most likely hates his guts.  But when an obstruction on the tracks traps them together in the mountains, they’re each forced to confront not only past hurts, but also the simmering spark between them.

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His Saving Grace

A wounded soldier. A woman with a secret. One sizzling summer that will change them both forever…


Mason Callahan’s plans didn’t include an IED or a permanent limp. He got both—along with a medical discharge from the Army. Now he’s back at the family ranch and nothing’s the same. For starters, there’s new hire, Grace. She’s cautious, quiet and when startled in the kitchen, wields a knife like she’s willing to use it. Figuring out what she’s hiding is essential to keeping his family safe—and has nothing to do with his attraction to her. And maybe if he tells himself enough, he’ll eventually believe it.


Grace’s new job at the Triple C Ranch is the perfect opportunity to plan her next move and make some much-needed cash. At least until the far-too-attractive Mason arrives home. He’s broody, intriguing, and a distraction she can’t afford. The smart thing would be to cut and run, but the ranch is the first place she’s felt safe in forever. She just needs to ignore the way her pulse pounds—and her panties melt—when Mason’s around, and everything’ll be fine.

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His Fake Fiance.jpg

His Fake Fiancé

Best Friends. A simple plan. Except nothing will be the same...


Jake needs a wife. Or at least a pretend one. A stable, serious relationship will show the judge he's the perfect parent to be given custody of his daughter. Except, he doesn't really do relationships. He's more of a one-and-done kind of guy. Which is why his best friend, Claire, is the perfect person to play house with--the perfect plan. What could go wrong?


Claire's been in love with Jake since he came to her defense on the playground in first grade. Her knight in a Star Wars t-shirt. But he's never seen her as anything as the girl-next-door. She knows going along with his ridiculous plan is a bad idea, but she can't seem to say no. And she loves his daughter to pieces, even though looking at the baby sometimes hurts too much. She just needs to keep her already bruised heart safe for however long the lie lasts, and everything will be fine.

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His Simple Plan

A damaged cowboy. A woman searching for her future. When they’re forced to work together, sparks fly…

Simon Callahan finally has a plan, and after an incredibly difficult year, he’s ready to move forward. He’s even gone so far as to make an offer on an old dairy farm in the area. But just as things are looking on track, he goes and opens his big mouth, and is now stuck working with the granddaughter of the dairy farm’s owner—who also happens to be the first person he’s been attracted to in a really long time. Noelle is witty, smart, beautiful, and doesn’t have a clue that her grandfather is thinking of selling the farm. Not that Simon’s going to tell her, at least not until things with the sale are more concrete.


When Noelle Fletcher's life blew up in her face, she hightailed it up to Redding and the safety of Paw Paw’s farm. The plan is to regroup, get back on her feet, and return to her old life, better than ever. And then the most irksome, handsome cowboy she's ever laid eyes on walks through the door. Simon is sweet and caring, but also deeply wounded, and staying away is the smart option. When he asks her for help on an extremely personal level, she knows she should say no. But turning her back on him would be wrong, even if getting intimately involved is a bad idea.

his simple plan ebook.jpg

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His Secret Wish

A marriage in trouble. A complicated favor. A weekend together pretending to be in love...


 Owen Callahan has always loved Isabella, but life and circumstances destroyed their marriage. But he’s always held out hope she’d come back to him. Maybe just not like this.  

Isabella needs a huge favor from her soon to be ex-husband. Come with her to her great grandmother’s birthday celebration weekend. And pretend they’re not separated, and she hasn’t filed for divorce. Her bisabuela is old-fashioned and would be heartbroken if she knew Owen and Isabella were no longer together. 

When Owen agrees, Isabella is shocked. And, in a moment of wisdom, they agree their weekend away should be free of any past drama. It’s only for a few days, and they shouldn’t be worried about what they should and shouldn’t be doing when it comes to their pretend relationship. They’re both level-headed adults, so what could go wrong? 

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His Second Chance

Declan and Shelby's story.

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