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About Me

Erin Parisien - Author Photo

Erin lives in the Pacific Northwest, with her trusty umbrella and the characters in her head (who are all clamoring to have their story told). Words have been an important part of her life ever since she received a manual typewriter for her tenth birthday and she used it to write her very first novel. She’d like to officially apologize to Beverly Cleary for essentially writing very bad Ramona fan fiction. In the past, she has written movie and television news and reviews for a number of popular websites but has chosen to currently focus on her fiction.
When she does step away from the computer, she enjoys crafting, reading, day drinking (which she doesn’t get to do often enough), playing video games poorly, and the occasional movie–and by that she means most of the new releases in any given year. A triple-feature Saturday is not unheard of in her world. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology, so of course, she works in finance. While she loves writing romance, not all of her characters are looking for a happily ever after and she plans to expand her repertoire to include other categories and genres in the future. And if someone could make it so there were 48 hours in a day, she could get on that right away.

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